Ending Things

Beata Beatrix
Feb 7, 2021


Sitting still
In the eloquence of silence
I’m thinking deep
About ending things

To be spared of oblivion
And the privilege of hope
The vain urge to be loved
And the placid sadness
Beneath the moon of
Many tender evenings

To be unoccupied
By promises of books
When today is yesterday
And tomorrow is too late
We can only give
What is already the other’s

What more do you want?
I am not even dust.

I am thinking deep
About ending things
What joy to be invulnerably alive
A mortal body of sad flesh
Languid and lethargic
Travelling into time

Only to be forgotten


To be left behind.



Beata Beatrix

From Malaysia. A business owner. A painter and a closet poet. Hates roaches.