The Lockdown

What it was like

If they ask what it was like,

Say it was like a long pause,

With nothing really stops,

Yet nothing is really moving.

Say it was like

An uncomfortable stillness,

So still that the air could balance a small world of dirt,

So still that you could hold the morning dew

between your finger tips,

You dream so fast,

And so vast,

With movement

Uncomfortably still.

Say it was like,

A thoughtless race towards an endless course,

Stumbling and tripping,

Over a race divine by self,

To win without victory,

To own without knowing,

And to remember so we can forget.

Say it felt like

The end has just begun,

My God is dead,

And your God is deader,

That weightless prayer that prays

And praises the Lord,

His gracious gifts,

And His holy calls,

Echoes in the dust.

And it felt like,

Our distance has expanded,

Beyond these plastic stars,

We are finally sober,

A ghost in our old shape,

Tip-toeing over the familiar landmarks,

In brand new posture,

Looking for love,

The omen of the next world.

3rd May 2020| 10.06 pm



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Beata Beatrix

Beata Beatrix


From Malaysia. A business owner. A painter and a closet poet. Hates roaches.