Dear love

Why do you stand quietly

Behind this door

Separating two realities,

That could have been just one?

One that undresses me,

Layer by layer.

At that instance,

Your predilection,

Your bias,

Your delectable softness,

They become mine.

And my shadow shall escape

From this body,

That shelters unnamed animals,

Untamed generosity,

And become yours.

And I shall see the world

Through your great still eyes,

Cowering beneath your long silver fringe.

Are the oceans bluer,

through your eyes?

Is the night darker,

Whenever you close your eyes?

I wouldn’t know, would I?

You didn’t knock

You continue to stand quietly

behind this door.

As if I am too sullen

Too poor

Too radical

Too ugly

Too me.



From Malaysia. A business owner. A painter and a closet poet. Hates roaches.

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